What is aesthetic filling?

Aesthetic filling procedure is for achieving a more natural and aesthetic smile design by using filling material compatible with the color of the person's tooth. The composite filling is hardened with halogen light and chemically bonded to the tooth. 

Why are aesthetic filling applications required?

Today, the focus in aesthetic dentistry is to make dental treatments both visually and functionally satisfactory. Therefore, the main purpose is to ensure that the fillings are like natural teeth in shape and color, the filling borders are not visible, and the filling is indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

It is believed that metal fillings are more durable and functional with the developing technology. However, the content of the aesthetic fillings has been reinforced, and a much longer lasting, aesthetic, and healthy structure has been adopted.

Can fillings last for a lifetime?

By following routine oral care, there will be no deformation, no gaps or leakages in aesthetic fillings. During your biannual check-ups, your aesthetic fillings are cared for, their polish is renewed, and thus, their longevity is ensured. In short, lifespan of the filling depends on how well the oral care is performed.

Is it necessary to replace aesthetic fillings over time?

No, as long as your teeth are routinely cared for and if there is no decay detected in the tooth, it is not necessary to replace the aesthetic filling.

How durable are aesthetic fillings? Do they protect the teeth?

Since the level of density is close to that of the natural teeth and they chemically bond with the teeth, they are relatively more protective against possible fractures in the teeth.

Can I replace my silver (amalgam) fillings with aesthetic fillings?

You can replace your amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings in only one session.

Should I have aesthetic filling or porcelain veneers?

We support the approach of preserving the natural structure of the tooth as much as possible. At first, your teeth are examined whether they are vulnerable with large decays or fractures of which may be reinforced with aesthetic filling material. Thanks to the advances in composite technology, teeth may be maintained with aesthetic fillings for years instead of porcelain veneers in most cases.

The Author of the Article: Dt. İmren Hocaoğlu

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