What is All On Four implant technique?

All On Four implant technique is a procedure enabling to fix tooth prothesis on four pieces of dental implant placed at certain angles in patients with no teeth.

What are the advantages of All On Four implant technique?

We can list the advantages of All On Four treatment as stated below:

 •    There is the opportunity to apply fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgery to patients without teeth.  
 •    As no advanced surgery like sinus elevation or addition of bones are applied, operation is much easier.
 •    Period of dental implant surgery is much shorter.
•    As number of dental implants used are less and no additional surgical process is required, its cost is lower than classic dental implant treatment.
•    It provides an aesthetic appearance and smiling line that is planned individually for people. 

•    It is much easier to clean and take care of them when compared with fixed dental prosthesis on classic dental implants.
•    It is suitable for patients who can not use mobile dental prosthesis and who have nausea reflex.
•    Its design is different from full dental prosthesis. As it does not cover the patient’s palate, it is much easier to get used to it amd to use them.
•    As number of required treatment sessions is low, it is appropriate for patients residing abroad.

To whom can All On Four implant technique be applied?

All On Four treatment can be applied to all patients without teeth (not having any teeth) who don’t have any systematic disease that could create an obstacle for dental implant surgery and who have sufficient bone mass.

What are the stages of All On Four treatment?

First of all a detailed clinic and radiological examination should be done to patients for who All On Four treatment is planned. By making meausrements through computerized tomography (BT) a suitable plan is made for the patient.
All On Four procedure is composed of two parts as surgery and dental prothesis process. After 4 pieces of dental implants are applied to the patient on the first day of treatment, temporary dental prothesis is fixed on dental implants on the same day. 3 months later permanent teeth prothesis is applied to patient

Will I have any pain after All on Four process?

Just like the case after each dental implant operation, a certain amount of pain and swelling can occur after operation. But these complaints can be easily controlled by taking the medicines recommended by your doctor .

I am very afraid of surgery.

All On Four process is a procedure that can be easily applied under local anesthesia. But it can be realized with sedation or under general anesthesia for patients with anxiety and high level of fear.

How will I get my nutrition after All On Four process?

After the process, you can immediately used the temporary dental prosthesis being fixed on dental implants. But during 3 month period when dental implants integrate with the bone, you should get a diet that is recommended by your doctor. With your permanent prosthesis that will be applied after process of 3 months is completed you can get your nutrition as you wish.

Is All On Four process a successful procedure?

The studies conducted show that All On Four process is a treatment method yielding high success ratio in long term follow ups.

The Author of the Article: Dr. Akın Öztemel

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