What is a jaw cyst removal surgery?

Odontogenic (dental) cysts can form anywhere in the mouth. The patient notices the cyst after it causes pain or swelling or the cyst may grow without being noticed. Although treatment methods depend on the location and size of the cyst, they should be removed by oral and dental surgeons.

What kind of problems do jaw cysts cause? What happens if it is not removed?

Odontogenic cysts are generally benign and slow-growing, however, if not intervened on time, they can grow very large in size and damage anatomical spaces such as the sinus, nasal cavity, and nerves, or show signs of malignancy (may transform into malignant tumors).

How is jaw cyst removal surgery performed? Can it be operated under anesthesia?

Root canal treatment is applied to teeth that are affected by the cyst. The gums around the cyst are anesthetized with anesthetic gels. Afterwards, they are anesthetized again using digital anesthesia painlessly. A small incision is made from the area of the gum where it is easiest to reach the cyst, and cyst is removed with minimum bone loss. After the cyst is removed, the incision is closed up and the remaining bone is left to heal. The removed piece should be examined in the pathology laboratory.
The cysts that are too large need to be removed under general anesthesia. During the examination, your doctor will decide how to proceed.

Is the removal of jaw cysts painful?

Cyst removal operation is not different from procedures such as tooth extraction and implant. It is done painlessly under an effective and sufficient amount of anesthesia. Afterward, just as in other surgical procedures, antibiotics, you should use pain medication, and antiseptic mouthwashes recommended by your doctor. With frequent check-ups, you will experience an easy recovery process.

Author of the Article: Dr. Başak Kurdoğlu Öztemel

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