What is the Aim of the DentGroup Education Grant?

DentGroup has taken on responsibility to support dentists of future financially and emotionally.
To this end, the DentGroup Education Grant Fund was established in order to relieve dental students of the extreme costs they face throughout their period of study.

Do you offer internship opportunities?

DentGroup family is aware that financial support is not sufficient by itself for a successful education and professional life, and with this awareness, ways to solve students' problem of striving to find a balance between academic and work lives have been searched. After some consideration, the solution of offering internships to all students who are awarded the DentGroup Education Grant was found. Dental students benefiting from the DentGroup education scholarship will be able to do an internship at DentGroup branches of their choosing during the semester break or summer break and thus, they will have the chance to observe the problems faced in practice before they begin their careers.

Do you offer employment opportunities?

It would be our utmost pleasure to work with successful DentGroup interns who are respectful to their profession and their patients and whose company we enjoy upon their graduation.

How does the DentGroup Education Grant process work? 

DentGroup Education Grant applications can be made 2021 September grant application form at www.dentgroup.com.tr. After the applications are evaluated, face-to-face interviews are made with the candidates. Candidates who become entitled to receive the grant after the interviews receive their grants for 8 months starting from January 1.

When are the Grant Recipients Announced?

Face-to-face interviews are made with candidates in December. On 20 December, the list of the recipients of the DentGroup Education Grant is announced on the website.

What are the Application Requirements for the DentGroup Education Grant?

  • Not being over 25 years old,
  • Studying at the Dentistry Faculties at universities in Turkey,
  • Needing financial support because of the state of income and assets,
  • Not receiving any other grants from other public or private institutions (excluding the student loan given by the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency-KYK),
  • Not smoking,
  • Students who have completed their first-year courses and are entitled to take second-year courses,
  • For second, third, and fourth-year students, having a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3 out of 4 and being entitled to take the classes of the next year (The applications of students who have the necessary grade point average but failed not more than 3 courses are also accepted).

Important Notes
DentGroup will announce the interview dates to the students via e-mail and SMS.
All documents mentioned above should be added to the DentGroup Education Grant Application Form and submitted by hand on the interview day.
If any of the additional documents to be submitted together with the DentGroup Education Grant Application Form is missing, the application will be deemed invalid and will not be evaluated.
The evaluation will be made by the DentGroup Executive Board.
Those who are eligible for DentGroup Education Grant will be contacted via e-mail and SMS:

What are the documents required for the DentGroup Education Grant interview?

  • A signed letter of undertaking (Download Word document),
  • Certificate of Identity Register Copy (Document showing all family members) taken from the Civil Registry (can be obtained from e-government),
  • Certificate of Residence and Other Addresses showing the place of residence of the family (can be obtained from e-government) (this document is not required if address information is stated in the Certificate of Identity Register Copy),
  • Certified documents showing the family's financial status:
  • Certified Payroll for family members who are employed,
  • Photocopy of the consolidated tax return for freelancer family members,
  • Document showing monthly pension for retired family members (can be obtained from e-government),
  • Document showing that the mother and father without income are not registered with the Social Security Institution (4A, 4B, 4C),
  • Photocopy of the Identity Card,
  • 1 passport-size photo (it should be taken less than 6 months ago and the name and surname of the applicant should be written on the back),
  • "Criminal Record" (can be obtained from e-government),
  • Certified Student Certificate taken from the educational institution showing the courses to be taken,
  • A transcript certified by the educational institution showing the courses taken during the university education, grades, and GPA.
  • Termination of the DentGroup Education Grant
  • The End of the Grant Period
  • DentGroup Education Grant is given for a period of one year.  At the end of the period, students who received the grant and comply with the criteria must apply again.

Other Reasons for the Termination of the Grant

  • Receiving grants from other institutions,
  • Smoking,
  • Underreporting or misrepresentation,
  • The level of academic performance being below the level stated in the guide,
  • Failure to submit the required achievement certificates to DentGroup on time,
  • By re-taking the university entrance exam, transferring from one university to another in a way that causes the student to repeat term(s),
  • Suspending studies without informing DentGroup,
  • Failure to complete the missing documents,
  • Being involved in disciplinary action due to a disgraceful act,
  • Being convicted of a crime.

Under the circumstances mentioned above, the grant is terminated and if necessary, the payments made up to that date are reclaimed from the student in question.

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