What is DentGroup Total Care?

DentGroup Total Care includes much more than dental scaling. In addition to routine scaling, DentGroup Total Care includes airflow (stain cleaning using pressurized powder), polishing, flossing, tongue cleaning, and complete care through flouride application to strengthen your enamel, as well as providing oral hygiene training.

Why do I need DentGroup Total Care?

Plaque accumulation is high especially at gums and interdental spaces, as a result of incorrect chewing habits and improper teeth brushing. By time, this plaque turns into calcified tartar and discoloration starts to occur. This type of tartar is the main cause of gingival diseases. Patients are unable to eliminate such plaque and discoloration by themselves. Therefore, tartar buildup gradually increases. Along with tartar buildup comes oral malodor, loose teeth, bleeding gums, and unpleasant brown discoloration in the mouth. In order to avoid these, it is recommended to have total oral care by a dentist at regular intervals.

What does DentGroup Total Care include?

DentGroup Total Care includes,

  • Lip Moisturization with Coconut Oil
  • Tartar Cleaning
  • Removing Stains with Airflow
  • Tooth Polishing
  • Tongue Cleaning
  • Dental Floss Application
  • Fluoride Application
  • Oral Hygiene Education.

Is dental anesthesia needed during the procedures?

Unless deep cleaning of the tartars under gum tissue or root surface planing is required, anesthesia will not be needed during the procedures.

Will I feel any ache or pain?

You may feel mild sensitivity in areas with gingival recession or inflammation. 

Will my gums bleed?

Bleeding occurs in patients with edematous and inflamed gums, but it is nothing to be feared and does not continue after the procedures are completed. After cleaning, inflammation gradually reduces and healthy, pink-colored, and firm look of the gums is restored. 

How long does DentGroup Total Care take?

The treatment takes between 30-45 minutes on average. In cases where tartar density is high and subgingival procedures are needed, a second session will be required. After all the procedures are completed, a short follow-up session is scheduled to check the outcome.

Do ultrasonic cleaners harm the teeth?

Misuse of ultrasonic cleaners causes micron-level scratches on the teeth. This causes the teeth to discolor again in a short span of time. As long as devices are operated correctly and the teeth are polished afterwards, DentGroup Total Care is a treatment that should be considered every 6 months for your oral and dental health.

At what intervals do I need to have it done?

The density of plaque and tartar build-up varies depending on the formation of the teeth, and saliva composition, as well as brushing and eating habits of the patient. DentGroup Total Care is done if the dentist deems it necessary during the 6-month checkup.

Does DentGroup Total Care eliminate bleeding and foul breath?

Unless it is due to a systemic disease, DentGroup Total Care can treat bleeding and oral malodor caused by gum problems.

What is the benefit of applying fluoride gel?

The fluoride gel reacts with the crystals in the enamel layer of the teeth and triggers the formation of fluorapatite crystals, which are more resistant to decay and prevent sensitivity. Thus, the texture of the enamel becomes more transparent, shiny, and durable.

How is fluoride gel applied?

The teeth are dried by blowing air. Then, 5 ml of 1.23% APF gel is placed in special foam trays and the tray is removed after 4 minutes at most. The gel residue is washed away. The patient is asked not to rinse their mouth for 30 minutes.

Is swallowing Airflow powder harmful in any way?

No kind of harm has been observed due to swallowing Airflow powder has been observed. Nevertheless, the risk of the patient swallowing the powder is minimized by using dual saliva ejectors.

Is there an age limit for this application?

No, there is not an age limit for this application. It can also be superficially applied to milk teeth.

Is there any harm in having it done during pregnancy?

The gums are more hyperemic and edematous during pregnancy due to hormones. Therefore, the amount of bleeding may be more than usual, however, it is not a problem. Total Care can be easily performed, preferably in the second trimester of the pregnancy.

Will there be teeth sensitivity after the procedures?

Teeth sensitivity may be observed after most dental scaling procedures, but this does not occur with DentGroup Total Care. The fluoride gel eliminates teeth sensitivity and leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth.

Does it damage the fillings or crowns?

It absolutely does not. During the procedure, fillings and crowns are polished as well.

Will the color of my teeth whiten after this procedure?

Once the discoloration and tartars are eliminated, a lighter color will surely be achieved. However, it will not be lighter than the original color of your teeth. In order to achieve a whiter teeth color, you need to have your teeth bleached.

What is DentGroup Wash and Shine?

It is a dental cleaning procedure with pressurized powder that is applied only to the front surface of the teeth, which includes airflow and tooth polishing and lasts for 15 minutes.
It is recommended for patients with less time on their hands and those undergoing orthodontic treatments.

Why is tongue cleaning done? How is it performed?

The tongue is made up of papillary tissue, which is an excellent surface for bacteria build-up. It is the most neglected part of the mouth to clean. The tongue is brushed for about 10 seconds with low-speed rotary brushes. It is not an application that causes discomfort, and the patient is made aware of the importance of cleaning the tongue.

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