Are oral cancers frequently seen type of cancers?
How dangerous are they?

Oral cancers make up %5 of cancer types seen in
all our body. Even though %5 seems to be a small
figure, as the probability of its occurrence is high among all cancer types, it is an important and high
level. Malign cancers in the mouth area are
important as they are close to vital areas (like brain)
and due to the probability of easy spreading to other
areas of body anatomically.

Why is early diagnosis important?

When the abnormalities in mouth region have not
turned into cancer or even if they may have turned
into cancer, if it is at the early stage, their treatment
is much easier and with early diagnosis, life danger
of a person gets reduced. Cancer can be treated
before it spreads to other areas of the body. As
cancer stage progress, both a person’s life danger
increases and as the spreading cancer is removed,
more tissue is being lost.

Who are under the risk of cancer?

  • Even though the reason of cancer is not completely
known or as there may not be a single reason for it,
particulars that cause cancer risk most are:
  • Dense usage of alcohol and cigarettes Unhealthy nutrition
  • Irregular living and stress
  • Genetic tendency (cancer story in the family)
  • People staying under sunshine for a long time or
having solarium
  • Those being subject to heavy radiation
  • Those consuming cigarettes and alcohol
Poor oral hygiene
  • Inappropriate prosthesis (prosthesis that constantly
cause dents)
  • Those having abnormal formations in their mouth
(Abnormalities with white or red color, blooding
points, wounds that don’t recover)

What is the risk of transformation of abnormal
formations in the mouth to turn into cancer?

It wouldn’t be write to say that each abnormality in
the mouth would turn into cancer. But as this type
of abnormalities can bear the risk of transforming
into cancer, they should be first specified and then
periodically followed up. If any sign of progress or
suspicion occurs, patient should be sent to ear, nose and throat doctor.

How are the abnormalities observed in the mouth
having a risk to transform to cancer can be

Even though there are various methods, nowadays
one of the simpliest and most comfortable methods
is Velscope early cancer diagnosis device.


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