What is digital anesthesia (with a needle)?

It is a painless anesthesia method in which the anesthetic solution is injected according to the tissue pressure of an individual.

How is digital anesthesia performed?

The gingiva is narcotized using a special gel, and then, the anesthetic substance is applied to the gingiva using the digital anesthesia device.

What are the advantages of digital anesthesia? How is it painless?

With digital anesthesia, it is possible to determine the amount of anesthetic liquid according to the tissue pressure. Thus, the pain of pressure is alleviated. As the pressure decreases, the pain also decreases.

Is digital anesthesia harmful?

No, the same anesthetic substance is used in both traditional method and digital anesthesia.

Is digital anesthesia applicable to everyone?

Yes, the digital anesthesia is applicable to anyone who can undergo conventional anesthesia.

How long does the digital anesthesia last, is it the same with conventional anesthesia?

There is no difference between digital anesthesia and conventional anesthesia.

The Author of the Article: Dt. İmren Hocaoğlu.

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