Digital Orthodontics

Digital dentistry is used in the field of orthodontics as well.

Taking impressions and modeling:

Before orthodontic treatment, for both archival purposes and to create a treatment plan, plaster would be used for the modeling of patients' lower and upper jaws. However, in digital dentistry, these models are created in virtual environment with the help of 3D scanning.  As it does not contain the use of big metal trays, this method is preferred particularly by patients who have a gag reflex.

Invisalign and clear aligners

Invisalign treatment is a typical digital dentistry treatment where orthodontic operations are carried out without braces. Impressions of the upper and lower jaws are taken with digital scanning. It is possible to share them with laboratories abroad. Invisalign treatment is entirely conducted on a digital system and the transparent plates are produced with 3D printers in line with the created models. Thus, the data is available to laboratories both within the country and abroad.

Incognito (Lingual orthodontics)

Thanks to the 3D scanning system, communication with the laboratories abroad can be established in a matter of time for incognito treatment. This system, also, accelerates the procurement process of the required materials for lingual orthodontics treatment.

Orthodontic Digital Archive

After your orthodontic treatment is over, your chewing teeth in the back of your mouth can move for about 6 months for bite occlusion to adjust. 6 months after the treatment is completed, the 3D scannings of the lower and upper jaws are made and the results are archived. If a relapse in the teeth is seen 6 months after the orthodontic treatment, transparent plaques are produced based on the models in the archive, and the teeth that have relapsed are brought back to their post-treatment position without using braces.

Dolphin 3D Surgery

Thanks to this program used in orthognathic jaw surgeries, surgeries of the lower and upper jaws can be performed in 3D on a virtual environment. Then, orthognathic surgeries are performed in real life. Therefore, precise measurements and treatment plans can be made.

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