Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu

Executive Board Member

Dr. Çelebi was born in Istanbul in 1981 and  graduated from Üsküdar American Academy in 1999 and Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2004.
In 2005, he opened a private clinic and mainly operated in the branches of aesthetic dentistry and implantology. He founded DentGroup in 2006. He has been the Chair of the Executive Board ever since. Dr. Çelebi left dentistry in 2016 and shifted his focus to the management of DentGroup. Dr. Çelebi is the founder and the vice-chair of the Association of Dental Clinic Managers (DEKİD), and a member of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (EDAD) and Turkish Society of Oral Implantology (TOİD). Efe Çelebi aims to offer better service to patients, and for dental clinics to achieve higher profitability and gives lectures on clinical management and patient satisfaction.

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