What is Fissure Sealant implementation (dental vaccine)? 

Fissure Sealant implementation is a protective dental treatment where indents and gaps on the chewing surfaces of mortal teeth are covered with a fluid filling substance.

What is the aim in using Fissure Sealant (dental vaccine)?

The purpose in realizing Fissure Sealant implementation is to avoid accumulation of food in the indents and gaps of molar teeth which can get decayed, to make these surfaces become easier to brush, and to minimize the risk of occurrence of decayed teeth.

To which teeth is Fissure Sealant (dental vaccine) applied?

It is only applied to the chewing surfaces of molar theeth by the pediatric dentist.

What happens if Fissure Sealant (dental vaccine) falls down?

Fissure sealanats can get broken in time due to chewing pressures and some part of them can fall down. In such cases to renew them is our responsbility as pedodontists (pediatric dentists)

Is Fissure Sealant (dental vaccine) a repeated application like fluor?

No. It is applied to one molar tooth once. If small parts are lost in time, they are completed in routine controls.

Does Fissure sealant (dental vaccine) give any harm to teeth or does it have side effects?

No, it does not have any harm or side effects.

When these surfaces are covered, won't there be a feeling of highness ?


As Fissure Sealants only cover the anatomic gaps
and as they occupy a milimetrical space on the

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