What is the purpose of Fluoride Varnish?

By strenghtening teeth with fluor which is the
building stone of tooth enamel, it is aimed to make
teeth become more resistant to decay formation.

To which teeth fluoride varnish is applied?

Fluor gel is applied to all the surfaces of all teeth.

Is Fluor gel chemical? Does it have side effects?

When it is correctly applied, it does not have any
side effects.

For how long is Fluor gel
application influential?

Depending on the decay risk group
of your child, Fluor gel application
is influential for 4 to 6 months. After
these periods, it should be
repeated. In this way, after a
certain period, a certain quantity of
fluor is stored for each new tooth.

How is fluoride varnish made?

In Fluor gel application, specially prepared fluor
preparations are applied on the dental surfaces with
a brush as eliminating saliva.

How long does Fluor application take?

Fluor application is a very simple preventative
treatment that lasts for nearly 5 minutes.

What are the things to pay attention to after Fluoride varnish?

After the application for one hour nothing should
be consumed. Milk and milk products should
not be consumed for 24 hours, as including ice
cream and chocolates.

What happens if milk products are consumed?

The impact of application gets reduced. It does not
give any harm to your child.

What happens if we don't have Fluoride varnish?

You will be deprived of an application providing
protection against decays and strengthening the
tooth structure.

The Author of the Article: Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu

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