What is Frenulum (tongue, lip, and cheek tie)?

The frenulum is a soft mucous membrane that is located between the gums and tongue, lips, and cheeks, and that limits the movement by connecting these tissues to each other.

Where is the frenulum located in the mouth?

The frenulum is often located between the upper and lower middle incisors, between the cheeks and the back teeth, and under the tongue.

How many frenulum are there in the mouth?

It differs from individual to individual. Although it is located under the tongue in almost every person, there is more than one frenulum on the lower and upper front teeth and in the posterior cheek.

Under what circumstances do frenula pose a dental health risk?

Especially when frenula are larger and thicker than normal and when they are located too close to the edge of the teeth, they can pull down the gums and cause a gingival recession and gingival diseases.  Large and thick frenulum under the tongue may cause problems in speaking, especially for young children.

Do frenula cause aesthetic problems?

Yes, especially the existence of a thicker and larger frenulum than normal between the lower and upper middle teeth hinders the teeth from joining together, and the resulting gaps between the teeth named diastema may cause aesthetic problems.

What can be done when frenula cause functional or aesthetic problems?

If a frenulum is located close to the edge of gum, this may cause gingival recession and gingival diseases, therefore, it should be removed. Especially when a frenulum is located between the upper and lower incisors and causes diastema, the frenulum should be removed first, and then an orthodontic treatment should be applied to bring the teeth together.

How is the frenulum removed?

The frenulum is removed with a procedure called frenectomy just in a matter of minutes.

How is the frenectomy procedure performed?

Thanks to the developing technology, the frenectomy procedure is now mostly performed with the help of laser, ensuring a short and blood-free procedure. However, in cases where the tissue is too large or deep, it must be surgically removed, and the resulting cut should be sutured.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

The frenectomy procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you will not feel pain. With regular care and medication use, the after-surgery healing process will also be comfortable.

How long do the sutures remain in place?

The sutures are removed one week after the procedure.

Will frenectomy leave any scars?

No scars will remain after the frenectomy procedure.

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