What is a dental implant? Can it be applied to everyone?

Natural teeth can be lost because of reasons such as decay, gingival diseases, accidents, etc. With dental implant treatment, the lost teeth can be replaced with teeth that feel as if the patients' own. Dental implant treatment can be applied to any patient whose jaw development is completed and whose general state of health is good. Except for patients with very rare health problems, implant treatment has been applied with a success rate of 98% for 35 years, to patients with good oral hygiene and whose other dental problems are treated. Also, the development of imaging technology and advanced surgical techniques in recent years has almost made insufficient bone concept obsolete.

Will I feel too much pain during the treatment?  How long do the sessions take?

The level of pain during and after the implant operation is the same with the level of pain during the tooth extraction procedure, so it is a very painless operation. In a typical case, the time needed to place an implant is around 20 to 30 minutes.

What is the advantage of implant compared to other treatments?

The most important advantage of implant treatment is that neighboring natural teeth are not damaged. In addition, it prevents osteoporosis, the prosthesis feels as if it is the patient's own tooth, and the treatment process is completed with very simple and short operation. Also, dental implants help to restore your natural smile.  Naturally, a beautiful smile offers self-confidence, vitality, and youth.

What are the advantages of receiving the implant treatment in Turkey instead of other countries? Is it cheaper?

With its rich cultural heritage, natural and historical landmarks, and beautiful beaches, as well as the ease of travel, Turkey welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world. In addition, Anatolia has always been important in terms of medical science since the times of the first medical center of the world, Asklepion, which was established within the Kingdom of Pergamon. Today, Turkey is a country that provides high-quality services in medical branches as cardiological diseases, organ transplantation, and dental implants with its modern hospitals, advanced facilities, and experienced specialist physicians. The advancements seen in all fields of medicine are clearly observable in the dental treatments as well, and these services are not easily accessible only in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara but also other cities such as Izmir and Antalya. Thanks to the direct flights offered by several airline companies to airports located in these cities, it is possible to easily travel to these cities in just a couple of hours. Also, all dentists and receptionists working in dental clinics in Turkey are fluent in English. Patients can directly convey all their complaints or requests to the dentist and can easily interact with them.
In addition, in Turkey, you can receive a dental implant treatment with the best-quality equipment of the prominent brands for one-third of the prices in Europe and still benefit from a service that is much higher in quality compared to the world standards. If you want to stay in world-renowned and award-winning hotels and have a wonderful vacation and at the same time receive a high-quality and reasonably priced dental implant treatment, Turkey is the best option for you.

How should I choose the clinic and the dentist for implant treatment?

First of all, you need to make sure that the dentist you choose is a specialist in the field. For example, you should choose an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or Periodontology specialist for dental implant treatment. In addition to the dentist you choose is well-trained and experienced, it is important that the clinic where the dentist works has a corporate identity. The rest of the clinic staff being successful in their respective areas is also important in choosing the best clinic to receive your treatment. Of course, a clinic that tries to eliminate possible after-treatment complications and complaints easily and without putting you in a difficult position will be the right choice. In addition, the clinic you choose should be in an easily accessible location and have flexible working hours so that you can make an appointment for a time that is suitable for you. Of course, a dentist and dental staff who are friendly, understanding, able to establish a good relationship, and try to do their best to understand and meet your expectations will help you overcome your fears and increase the quality of the service you will receive.

Children should be taken to an orthodontist by their parents when they are at the ages of 6 or 7.

In addition, if your child

  • Is breathing through their mouth and has an enlarged adenoid problem,
  • Used a pacifier for a long time,
  • Has the habit of finger sucking,
  • Has the problem of cleft lip-palate,
  • Is lacking teeth or has a received a hard blow to the jaw
  • Has a parent with upper or lower jaw protrusion
  • Experienced the situation colloquially called toothiness (when children with protruded upper front teeth fall down, it is more than likely that they break their teeth)
  • Has undergone early milk teeth extraction procedure for any reason
  • Any child who is thought to have teeth crowding should definitely be taken to an orthodontist for examination.
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