Clear Aligner Treatment (Orthodontic) for Crowded Teeth Without The Use Of Metal Braces

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a digital orthodontic treatment technology which includes a brace-free orthodontic treatment method that is applied in order to straighten the alignment of your teeth thanks to the clear aligners exclusively made for your teeth. The reason of preference for brace-free orthodontic treatment (invisalign) is the application of orthodontic treatment without using metal braces.

What are the features of Invisalign treatment?

• It does not interfere with your daily life, it is orthodontic treatment without metal braces.
• Thanks to clear aligners, they won't show in your mouth.
• Clear aligners may be removed during meals or drinks.
• During special events (weddings, graduation, business meetings etc.) you may remove your aligners and take a break from your treatment for a few hours.
• Invisalign (clear aligner treatment) can be applied to both teenagers and adults.
• No usage of metal braces.
• Preliminary information is given about the end result of the treatment through intraoral scanners.

How do teeth move without metal braces?

• Aligners are produced in series according to the planned positions of teeth. 
• Each aligner creates a movement phase of 0.05 mm. 
• The aligners are worn for 15 days at a time and the patient moves on to the next round of aligners.

How are clear aligners produced according to the stages of teeth movement?

• Your orthodontist will take impressions from your mouth.
• These will be digitally transferred to the computer environment via the 3D scanning method called the CAD-CAM system. 
• The teeth in the digital environment are moved to their desired positions by computer simulation. 
• A clear aligner is produced according for each 0.05 mm movement phase.

How long will I have to wear clear aligners during the day?

• You are required to wear your Invisalign aligners for an average of 20-22 hours a day. 
• It is recommended to only remove them during meals. 
• During special events, it is recommended to only remove them during the event and not repeat this frequently.
• You may drink beverages of normal temperature or cooler drinks, but it is recommended to take them out when drinking hot beverages such as tea etc. Since Invisalign aligners are thermoplastic in nature, they can be deformed with heat exposure.
• Regular and daily use of clear aligners in Invisalign treatment is an important factor for achieving the treatment outcome.

Will I be able to see the outcome of my treatment before beginning my Invisalign treatment?

After your treatment plan is created in the virtual environment, you will be able to see the end result of your treatment in 3D. You can observe the movement of your teeth in a virtual environment.

Can Anyone Receive Invisalign Treatment?

It is an orthodontic treatment that can be applied to adults, young people and children alike. However, your suitability for Invisalign treatment is determined only after your orthodontist's examination. Moderate and mild teeth crowding can be treated with invisalign. An orthodontic treatment case that requires tooth extraction can only be determined by your orthodontist.
Is Invisalign suitable for children?
Your child should have lost all of their milk teeth and at least the second molars should have partially erupted. This corresponds to the average period of 12-14 years of age. For detailed information, you can examine our website for Invisalign First treatment.

How often are follow-up appointments in Invisalign treatment?

Your follow-ups are planned to be once a month. At each appointment, 2 new clear aligners will be delivered to you. Your clear aligners will be changed every 15 days. For example, if 20 aligners have been produced for your case, your treatment will take 10 months.
If the patient is travelling from a different country or city, a different planning can be provided between the patient and the doctor.

How do I care for my aligners?

You can clean your aligners every morning and evening by brushing them under running warm water. In addition, you can maintain your aligners with denture cleaning tablets.

Which method takes less time, metal braces or Invisalign (clear aligners)?

The duration of the treatment varies according to the case. Since computer technology is used in Invisalign treatments, no force is applied to the area where movement is not planned. Due to the fact that it is used in mild and moderate crowding, the duration of Invisalign treatment may be shorter compared to regular orthodontic treatment, although it varies from patient to patient.

Can I begin my Invisalign treatment right away?

It may take 1-1.5 months for your measurements to be sent abroad, for your treatment plan to be created online, and for Invisalign aligners to be produced and pass through customs. Although this period may seem like a disadvantage at first, the end result of your treatment (including time) is definitive at the beginning of the treatment.

Do I need any preparation before my Invisalign treatment?

Before beginning your Invisalign treatment for crowded teeth;
• All dental decay must be eliminated, if present,
• Dental calculus (DentGroup Total Care) must be removed. 
Doktorunuz duruma göre bazen 20 yaş dişlerinizin çekimini invisalign tedavisinden önce isteyebilir. Ölçü alındıktan sonra ağızda herhangi bir işlem uygulanmaz. Prosthetic procedures such as bridges and implants are performed after Invisalign treatment is completed.

Are any procedures going to be performed after my Invisalign treatment is completed?

After your Invisalign treatment is completed (valid for all orthodontic treatments), invisible fixed wires called "retainers" are attached to the inner back side of your teeth. It is attached to prevent any mobility or return of your teeth to their previous state. The duration of this procedure is determined by your orthodontist.
Frequently Asked Questions in Invisalign Treatment

Will I experience pain in Invisalign treatment?

In order for the teeth to move, a pushing type of force must be applied to your teeth. It is quite normal and expected to feel pressure when you put on your clear aligners for the first time. It is also normal to feel that pressure for 1-2 days with each phase of aligner change.

Will Invisalign treatment affect my speech?

You will not have an issue after spending 1-2 days of getting used to it. If you need to speak for a very long time in a meeting, you may remove the Invisalign clear aligners for 1-2 hours.

Will smoking make my aligners become yellow?

If you're a heavy smoker, your aligners will also turn yellow in color after a certain time as opposed to a non-smoker. However, this discoloration will not be excessive as you will be changing your Invisalign aligners every 15 days.

What other drinks or foods will discolor my Invisalign aligners?

Curry, mustard, red wine, cherry juice, tobacco products, coffee, tea may change the color of your aligners. 

May I only wear my Invisalign aligners at night?

In order for your teeth to move to their planned positions, the applied force from your aligners must be received continuously. This is why if you wear them only during nights, it will not be possible to complete your treatment as desired.

Can I wear my Invisalign aligners while swimming or doing any other exercise?

In clear aligner treatments, your orthodontic treatment stays on track during your daily activities.

Will I be provided with a simulation of my Invisalign treatment?

The patient receives two e-mails which includes a link address, and the other will have a special code in it. If you click on the page link and enter the code sent to you at that page, you will be able to check and follow your 3D treatment plan on your smartphone..

What is the content of materials used in the manufacturing of plastics for Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign aligners do not contain Bisphenol-A or phythalate used in baby feeding bottles and plastic bottles, which are banned by Canada, the USA and the European Union due to the fact that they cause many health problems. Therefore, Invisalign treatment is suitable for cases that involve pregnancy, lactation etc.

Will the attachments (small tooth-colored protrusions attached to my teeth during invisalign treatment) remain until the end of the treatment?

Yes, these attachments usually stay on your teeth from the beginning to the end of your treatment. Some attachments may be relocated during treatment. All of these attachments are cleaned and removed from the tooth surface when your treatment is finished.

During Invisalign treatment, are extra appliances attached to my mouth apart from the attachments?

Under normal conditions, patients are not usually required to have anything other than those attachments in Invisalign treatment. However, in some severe cases, removable rubbers may be used only at night. In addition, in severe cases, mini-screw systems may be applied during your Invisalign treatment. All these procedures will be explained to you in detail by your orthodontist after your first examination.

I’ve lost my active aligner, what should I do?

If the active aligner you are currently using is number 15 and you have lost it, it will be sufficient to wear your passive aligner number 14, which will be in your red aligner container until you visit your orthodontist. You will need to wear your passive aligners for an average of 20-22 hours a day. 

Will the 3D scanning method instead of the classic impression technique speed up the delivery of my Invisalign aligners to Turkey?

Impressions taken by digital scanning or 3D scanning arrive at USA within the same day via the online system. Processes such as the creation of the treatment plan, the production of aligners and their customs clearance may extend the time of delivery. If your impression is taken by digital scanning, it usually takes about a month for your clear aligners to arrive.

There are some letters and number on my Invisalign aligners, what do they mean?

Your patient code number and the Invisalign logo are on one side of your aligners. On the other side, the upper jaw is "U", the lower jaw is "L", then your aligner number, that is, your current aligner number, is written next to them. For example: U25 if the top aligner number 25, and L15 is the bottom aligner number 15.

Can every dentist perform Invisalign treatment?

In order to perform Invisalign treatment, dentists must first obtain certification. An orthodontist must perform Invisalign treatment. You can find the list of certified orthodontists who perform Invisalign treatment in Turkey at

Article Written By: Orthodontist Dr. Cihan Çapan

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