Dental treatments with laser are a part of digital

Gingiva operations:

For removing the unhealthy
tissues inside gingiva, generally laser is being

Laser in root canal treatments:

In root canal treatments,
infected tissues inside the teeth canals are cleaned
with laser.

Laser for gingival aesthetics (pink

Gingiva which is asymetrical, swelled
or sagged are made aesthetical through laser.
Before applying lamina, empress or zircon dental
veneers, in order to harmonize gingiva with these
new prosthesis, laser is frequently used.

Laser in implant operations:

In implant
operations, before implants are placed, holes are
formed in gingiva without any blood, and the
implants are placed. In this way, operation period
is reduced, no sutures are made and recovery
period is made much easier.


In office type cleaning laser is used.
With this method, whitening is achieved much
Laser in the treatment of darkened gingiva
In the treatment of gingiva having dark and even
black color due to pigmentation, laser is frequently
used. In this way gingiva has its pink color.
Laser in Aphtha treatments: Treatment of aphthas that appear in the mouth, can be done in 1 week.


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