What is 3D chin and tooth tomography?

Basic principle of 3D Chin and tooth tomography is to show the internal structure and perimeter of an object with multi-projection. With 3D Tomography patients are subject to less radiation and treatment plan can be made more correctly.

In what situations is 3D chin and tooth tomography taken?

In cases where position of wisdom teeth and their relation with anatomic regions (distance to nerve-vein packet on lower chin and to sinus spaces on lower chin) needs to be evaluated as three dimensional and when structure of chin bones need to be evaluated with 3D tomography in making the implants it will be taken. It also helps while treatment plan is made for cysts and other patologies relating with chin and all the borders of cysts can be specified in detail.

Is radiation too much with 3D chin and tooth tomography? Does it give any harm?

Radiation dosage given by 3D chin and tooth tomography where only lower or upper chin is displayed is a little different than normal panoramic film (big film where both chins are displayed). Tomography used in dentistry scan smaller regions and the radiation amount is reduced in accordance.

The Author of the Article: Dr. Başak Öztemel

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