What is a tooth gem?

It is a kind of gem that is attached to the tooth surface in order to add glamour to your smile. If desired, teeth diamonds can also be used. They are accessories attached to the teeth.

How is tooth gem attached?

It is attached to the surface of the tooth without tear, using special adhesives by the dentist.

Does tooth gem fall off in time?

As it is attached to the tooth surface, the tooth gem has a possibility of falling off due to the pressure of excessive bite force, however, in such a case, it does no harm to your teeth. It can be re-attached if it falls off.

How is teeth diamond attached?

The teeth diamond is a natural stone and the attached surface is sharp-pointed. In order to adapt this pointed surface to the tooth, a small abrasion is made on the tooth surface as small as the diameter of the sharp part of the diamond.  The special adhesive is applied between the tooth and the diamond.

Can the tooth gem or teeth diamond be removed if I want?

The tooth gem or teeth diamond can be removed at any time you want and your tooth is polished to regain its original look.

Does tooth gem damage my tooth?

As it is attached only to tooth surface, it does not damage the tooth.

Can I attach the tooth gem myself? Why should I visit a dentist?

There are tooth gems on the market that you can attach yourself; however, the adhesive material does not have the same content as the one your dentist uses. In such a case, it is possible for the gem to fall, cause permanent discoloration, and damage your tooth. When you attach the gem yourself, the overflowing adhesives create an unpolished surface, which facilitates plaque buildup and causes discoloration. Therefore, we advice you to consult a dentist for this procedure.

Will the tooth gem cause irritation to my lips?

Its surface is smooth, so it does not cause irritation to your lips.

Does its color change over time and is special care required?

Its color does not change over time and it does not require any special care other than daily oral care.

The Author of the Article: Dt. İmren Hocaoğlu.

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