How is tooth tattoo applied?

A tooth tattoo is applied by painting the tattoo on the crown of the natural tooth or the crown of the implant. Firstly, a digital impression is taken from the patient, next, the crown is produced, and then, the technician processes the desired tattoo on the crown.

What kind of ink is used in tooth tattoo?

It is not ink used to paint the tattoo, it is porcelain. Porcelain is liquid before it is fired. After the desired pattern is brushed on the porcelain crown, it is fired and polished. Therefore, the tattoo is protected from saliva and becomes resistant to erosion.

How long does it take to apply a tooth tattoo?

It usually takes about 2 to 3 days. This period may vary depending on the crown and desired pattern.

Can a tooth tattoo be applied to all teeth? Is there an age limit?

Yes, it can be applied to all teeth, there is no age limit.

Can any desired pattern be applied as a tooth tattoo?

Yes, any desired pattern can be applied.

Will there be any pain while getting a tooth tattoo?

No, there will not be any pain, because the tattoo is applied to the crown in the laboratory environment, none of the steps of the application is carried out within your mouth.

Can a tooth tattoo be removed when requested?  Is it durable?

It can be removed in an easier way than that of a body tattoo. The natural look of the tooth is re-achieved by scraping the tattoo from the crown while still in the mouth and polishing it. Since the tattoo material is porcelain, it cannot be erased.

The Author of the Article: Dt. Ozan Şener 

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