What is Digital Dentistry?


1. Digital Scanning (Dental Impression)

The patient comes to the clinic and the teeth to be treated undergo a 3D scan. Thus, 3D images of the teeth are available in the virtual environment.

2. Digital Design

The tooth design is digitally made at DentLab (the Digital Dental Laboratory of DentGroup) based on the images provided by the 3D scan. All processes including the shaping and contouring of the tooth and gingiva adjustment are performed on the computer.

3. Digital Tooth Production

After Digital Design, production takes place. The production of the tooth is made using the 3D scanners and printers (CAD/CAM dental milling machines) at DentLab.

4. Porcelain Teeth

The porcelain teeth produced at DentLab are delivered to the DentGroup clinic. Before the application, the final checks of the new teeth are made in the mouth.

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