Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic Fillings

Why are aesthetic filling applications required?

Nowadays the purpose is for the dental treatments applied to be both functional and satifactory. For this reason the main objective is to enable for fillings to have same shape and color as natural teeth, for filling borders not to be specific, and for the person not to discriminate the filling from his own teeth.

What is aesthetical filling?

Aesthetic filling material is composite. It can be give shapes and it is hardened with halogen light and it is adhered to tooth chemically.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

Although it was believed in previous years that metal fillings are more durable and functional, with the advanced technology, it is passed on to a more aesthetic and healthy structure with more solid material content, as having metal fillings with longer lifespan.

Do aesthetic fillings have a lifespan?

With routine oral care, no deformations occur with aesthetic fillings and no interval spaces occur with the fillings. In your controls that are made once in 6 months or a year, your aesthetic fillings are taken care of, they are polished again and it is enabled for them to have longer lifespan. In short, lifespan of a filling is related with a person’s oral care.

Is it required to change aesthetic fillings in time?

No, as long as routine care of your teeth is realized and there are no decayed teeth, it is not required to change aesthetic filling.

How durable are aesthetic fillings? Can they protect the teeth?

As they are almost as hard as our natural teeth and as they adhere to teeth chemically, they provide protection against probable fractures.

Can I change my balck (amalgam) fillings with aesthetic fillings?

You can change your amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings in one session.

Should I have aesthetic filling or porcelain veneer?

We prefer to keep the natural structure of teeth. It is first evaluated how teeth that become not-durable due to decays and fractures can be reinforced with aesthetic filling. Due to advances in composite technology, many teeth can be kept only with filling that would require porcelain veneer in previous times.
Dentist who wrote the article: Dr. İmren Hocaoğlu