Chin Kists

Chin Kists

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What is chin kist surgery?

At any place within the mouth odontogenetic (relating with teeth) kists occur. They cause pain and swelling and are recognized by patient or without being recognized they can reach to very big dimensions. Although treatment methods vary depending on the region where chin cyst is located and its size, they should be extracted bu mouth and teeth surgeons.

What kind of problems would arise due to chin cysts? Couldn’t they be left without being extracted?

Odontogenic cysts are generally benign formations that grow slowly but if intervention is not done on time, they can get to very big sizes and damage normal anatomic spaces like sinus, nose space, and nerves or they can reveal malignant findings. (they can transform into malign tumors).

How is chin kist surgery done? Can’t it be done by narcotizing?

Canal treatment is applied to teeth that are found to be related with kist during examination. At the region where cyst is located gingiva is narcotized with anethetic gels and then narcotized with digital anesthesia without pain. Gingiva is lifted at the place where cyst can be reached easiest and by removing as little bone as possible it is reached to the kist. By being cleaned completely it is closed with seams and remaining healthy bone is left to recover. If kist did not have any previous infection by using bone powder fast recovery can be achieved. The piece that is taken should be investigated in the laboratory. Chin kists with very big sizes should be extracted under general anesthesia. During the examination your doctor will decide on how to proceed with the process.

Is operation of chin kists a painful process?

Kist operation has no difference from processes such as teeth extraction and implants. With effective and sufficient anethesia it can be realized without plain. Afterwards just like in other surgical operations antibiotics, painkillers, and antiseptical mouthwashing are applied. With controls that are frequently realized a comfortable recovery process can be achieved.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Başak Kurdoğlu