Dental Treatments with Laser

Dental Treatments with Laser

What is laser and what is its function in dental treatments?

Laser is a radiation that is produced by an electromagnatic light enhancer and which has dense energy with linear movement. In dentistry this energy is used to evaporate the water molecules in the tissues and to break up the tissue.

What are the advantages of laser in dental treatments?

With laser surgical interventions can be made without blood. Anesthesia is not required in smallinterventions and saving from time is achieved both during the operation and recovery period.

What is the function of laser in teeth whitening?

When compared with classic methods laser both shortens the session period and improves the permanentness of whitening.

Is laser safe for oral care and dental health of pregnant and lactating women?

Laser applications shorten the treatment and recovery periods and reduce the quantity of anesthesia and there won’t be any infection risks. Therefore they create advantages when compared with other methods. But even it laser is used teeth whitening is not recommended at this period.

How is implant application with laser done?

At certain stages of implant application in order to open gingiva laser is used. Therefore without cutting and using seams intervention is realized without seams. This is named as implant application with laser in public.

Can laser be applied two times at the same place?

As long is laser application is controlled there won’t be any hindrances.

Can laser be useful in sensitive teeth?

Teeth sensitivities occuring due to gingival recession can be overcome by applying fluor and by using special toothpaste and by closing the dentin canals with laser radiation as well. It is used periodically in the treatment of teeth sensitivity. If the desired impact is not created the treatment is applied one more time a few days later.

Can pigmentations (purple spots) on gingiva be eliminated by laser?

Hyper pigmentation that occur on gingiva due to increase in pigments, can be treated in 3-4 sessions by applying peeling with bisturi under anesthesia with classic methods. In pigmentation treatments with laser, either anesthesia is not required or it is used only a little. No pain is felt after treatment.

How is laser used in smile designing (pink aesthetics)?

After cutting or shaping gingiva with laser by using less anesthesia there won’t be blooding. Tissue recovery takes place more quickly. If required it can be passed on to the other processes without waiting. With these features it is more advantageous in providing smile aesthetics than classic methods.

What is filling with laser?

Contrary to the belief, source of light used in composite-white fillings is not laser. Here halogen or LED radiation devices that are adjusted to certain wave lengths are used.

Does laser cause allergic reaction?

There are no scientific findings showing that laser causes allergies.

What are the advantages of laser in treatment of gingiva?

Usage of laser in gingiva treatment and cleaning of tartar provides advantages in disinfecting deep gingiva inserts and for their recovery.

Can laser be used in canal treatment?

Especially in the treatment of gingiva with chronic apse and persistent infection, laser is used to provide root disinfection. Therefore it is not required to use antibiotics for a long time.

Is usage of laser harmful in children?

Just like with adult patients as long as it is applied under control laser does not give any harm to children. Important point to pay attention to is not to give harm to the permanent teeth.

Can aft and herpes be treated with laser?

After giving radiation to aft and herpes with laser, the normal recovery period of 7 days gets reduced and they don’t occur on the same region.

What is the purpose of using laser in surgery?

Since laser reduces blooding and gives small damage to the tissue it is used in various stages of surgical operations. After surgical processes applied with laser, complications such as swelling, bruising, and pain are not observed.

Is laser used in each surgical operation?

In the surgical operations for hard tissues like bones and wide surfaces, laser should be used with other methods. However it can be preferred in the extraction of soft tissue lesions, cutting of tongue, cheek and lips connections, and gingiva without blood and no seams and for surgical operations like biopsy.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dt. Bijen Muhit