DentGroup Total Care

Besides cleaning of tartar, it also contains oral hygiene cleaning, application of fluorine, and tongue cleaning.

What is DentGroup Total care?

Besides cleaning of tartar, it also contains oral hygiene cleaning, application of fluorine, and tongue cleaning.

Why should I have DentGroup Total Care application ?

We take care of our hands, hair, face and our feet but as our mouth is not seen, we neglect this area. But due to reasons like chewing habits and not brushing correctly, plate accumulation occurs.This plate gets calcified and turns into tartar and coloring begins. These tartars are the main reason for gingiva diseases. A person can not clean these tartars and coloring on his own. As a result tartar accumulation gets accelerated. Accompanying this situation, mouth smell, teeth swings, bleeding, and brown spots appear in the mouth. In order to avoid these, it should be applied to a dentist to get them cleaned at certain intervals.

Which applications does DentGroup total care include ?

Firstly, the area around the mouth is moistened to avoid drying during the operation. Afterwards, tartars are cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. The sections between the teeth and discoloration are cleaned with tooth cleaning powder named as air-flow. Afterwards, teeth surfaces are polished with a special paste and a brush.
Surface of teeth, where bacterium accumulate a lot, is cleaned.Dental floss is applied at teeth intervals both for controlling and training purposes. Finally, by applying fluor gel, tooth enamel is made stronger and it is told to the patient how he should take care of his teeth.

Are teeth narcotised during the operations?

If it is not required to realize cleaning of tartars under the gingiva, being called as subgingival curettage and to flatten the root surface, it is not required to make anesthesia during the operations.

Will I feel any pain or aching?

Some sensitivities could occur as water is used at the regions where there is gingival recession. Besides, a certain amount of pain can be felt during the cleaning of tartar under gingiva but other than that no pain or aching will occur.

Will there be any blooding at my gingiva area?

Blooding occurs in the patients having edema in gingiva area but this is not at a big level to cause worrying and it does not continue after operations are completed.

How long do all processes take?

Processes tale 30-45 minutes on the average. Tartar density is too much and in cases where working is required under the gingiva, a second session is required. After all the treatments, a control session is made.

Do Ultrasonic cleaners give harm to the teeth?

As a result of wrong usage, scratches can occur on the teeth surface at micron level. If polishing and flour applications are not made, this situation causes coloring to occur on teeth in a short time. Therefore, treatments made by people who are not dentists, can not give the desired outcomes.

In what intervals should I have it made?

Depending on location of teeth, saliva structure, brushing, and nutrition habits, plate accumulation and tartar formation show variations. Total care could be given as required during the controls made by dentist in 6 months intervals.

Does it eliminate bleeding and mouth smell?

If they are not related with systematic diseases, bleeding and mouth smells arising due to gingiva problems can be eliminated with total care.

What is the benefit of fluor gel application?

Fluor gel gets interacted with the crystals in the tooth enamel and it causes formation of floroapatite crystals that are resistant to formation of decayed teeth while avoiding feeling of sensitivity. Thus, tooth enamel structure becomes more transparent, bright and durable.

How is fluor gel applied?

Teeth are dried with air and %1.23 APF gel that is put in spoons of 5 ml, are placed in the mouth for maximum 4 minutes and the excess parts are cleaned. It is asked from the patient not to clean his mouth for 30 minutes.

Does fluor cause any allergies?

No allergies have been observed till now. Since they are not taken systematically, there is no possibility for allergy formation.

Is it harmful if airflow powder is swallowed?

No damage is observed as relating with its being swallowed but by working with double saliva absorber, the swallowing risk of patient can be reduced to minimum.

Is there an age limit to make this application?

No, there isn’t. It can also be applied to milk teeth more superficially

Is there a risk in applying it during pregnancy?

During pregnancy period, gingiva is more hyperemic and edematous. For this reason blooding occurs more than normal but there is no problem with it. Preferably within a period of 3-6 months, a total care could be made.

Is sensitivity observed on the teeth after the operations?

Teeth sensitivity which is seen in many tartar cleaning operations is not seen in DentGroup total care. Fluor gel that is applied avoids sensitivity on teeth and it creates a refreshing taste in the mouth.

Does it create any damage to the fillings and and coatings?

No, it does not. During these care operations, fillings and coatings are also polished.

Does the color of my teeth get lighter after this process?

After the coloring and tartar are removed, a more fresh appearance is achieved but the color won’t be any lighter than the color of teeth. Whitening should be done relating with this.

Why and how is tongue cleaning made?

Tongue is made of papillas and it forms a perfect surface for bacteries. Generally it is the place mostly forgotten to be cleaned. Tongue is brushed for 10 seconds with brushes having low rotation motion. It does not cause any disturbance on the patients and the person gets conscious about cleaning this region.
Dentist writing the article: Dr Seçil Duman Yalçın