Digital Anesthesia

What is digital anethesia (painless needle)?

It is the painless anethesia method where anesthetic solution is applied according to the person’s tissue pressure.

How is digital anesthesia applied?

Gingiva is narcotized with a special gel and anesthetic solution is applied to the narcotized gingiva with a digital anesthesia device.

What is the advantage of digital anesthesia? Why does pain formation not occur?

With digital anesthesia technique, anesthetic liquid can be given to the tissue according to tissue pressure. In this way feeling of pain arising due to pressure gets reduced. As pressure gets reduced feeling of pain is reduced proportionally.

Is digital anesthesia harmful to the body?

No, anesthetic substance that is used in digital anesthesia application technique is the same with the one used in conventional methods.

Can digital anesthesia be applied to everyone?

Yes, digital anesthesia can be applied to everyone to whom normal anesthesia can be applied.

Is the period of inertia different in digital anesthesia and for how long does it continue?

There is no difference when compared with standard anesthesia.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dt. İmren Hocaoğlu