What is Digital Dentistry?

What is Digital Dentistry?
Digital dentistry is composed of digital scanning, design and production. Process detailed that are specified on above scheme are as follows:

1. Digital Scanning (Taking impressions)

Patient comes to the clinic and teeth to which process will be applied are scanned with scanners as 3 dimensional. In this way, 3 dimensional image of teeth are carried to virtual environment.

2. Digital Design

As per the 3 dimensional image that comes to DentLab (Digital Dentistry Laboratory of DentGroup) in virtual environment, tooth designs are made as digitally. All processes including shape of teeth, contours, harmonization with gingiva are designed in computer environment.

3. Digital Teeth Production

After digital design, it is time for production. Thanks to 3 dimensional printers of DentLab (Milling machines with Cad/Cam support) production of teeth is completed.