Digital Orthodontics

Digital Orthodontics
Digital dentistry is also developing in orthodontics area. Areas used in orthodontics;

Taking impressions and modeling:

Before orthodontics treatment, plaster model of upper and lower jaws of patients were being taken both for archiving and and to prepare the treatment plan. With digital dentistry, these models are being obtained in virtual environment with 3 dimensional scanning. In this way, impressions required for treatment plan are obtained faster and in a more correct way. As big metal spoons are not used, especially people with gag reflex feel more comfortable. In this way, patients’ archives are protected easier and probability that they will get lost is eliminated.

Treatments done with invisalign or transparent aligners:

Orthodontics treatments realized without using dental braces like invisalign are the products of digital dentistry in real meaning. Jaw impressions taken with digital scanning can be transmitted to laboratories abroad in 15 minutes. Invisalign treatment planning is realized completely through digital system and transparent aligners are obtained from models that are formed with 3 dimensional printers. In this way, delivery can be made to both domestic and foreign laboratories.

Incognito treatment (Lingual orthodontics)

Lile incognito, it can be reached to laboratories abroad in minutes with 3 dimensional scanning system and obtaining lingual orthodontics materials has become faster.
Orthodontics digital archive:After your orthodontics treatment is finished, your back teeth realizing chewing process can move for nearly 6 months for closing to be settled. After 6 months, 3 dimensional scanning of lower and upper jaws is made and archived. If after this orthodontics treatment of 6 months, an relapse is seen in teeth again, transparent aligners are produced as per the models in the archive and without using dental braces, in a simple way the impaired teeth are brought back to their position after treatment.

Dolphin 3D Digital Surgery

With this program that is used in orthognatic jaw surgeries, upper and lower jaw surgeries are done in a 3 dimensional virtual environment. In virtual environment results of orthognatic surgery are brought to life. In this way, more sensitive impressions and treatment plans can be made.