Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

Each individual has his own facial features, temperament and characteristics. It is required to consider these factors while designing teeth which are among the most important factors defining a per- son visually. With digital smile design, all the details that make you what you are, are transferred to the digital environment with different methods and as they are evaluated with special softwares, the most unique design for the person is created. Digital smile design is a protocol having an important place in aesthetic dentistry which enables for the communication between the doctor and patient to be realized at a more professional level.

To which cases is digital smile design applied?

Each individual who wish to have a better smile can be a candidate for digital smile design.

How many sessions does digital smile design require?

Digital smile design is the process where your ideal unique smile is specified with digital methods and shown on screen. This design which is completed in two sessions is shown to you within the mouth with trials. If it is required or desired to make changes on digital smile design, second session is repeated. As the design is approved by patient, required processes are started.

What will I be faced with in the first appointment of digital smile design?

In the session relating with digital smile design, photography and video shooting is done with the studio equipment. In the same session, impression is taken from your upper and lower jaw to make the design. Processes like abrasion are absolutely not applied on your teeth.

How many days does it take for digital smile design to be prepared?

Digital smile design is prepared between 3 to 5 days. In this process, data which are recorded in first session are evaluated by doctor in digital environment and smile design is created. While creating smile design, individual’s facial lines, eye, ear, jaw parameters are considered. While dental forms are determined, as per visagism concept, it is the basis to create a dynamic harmony in accordance with the person’s style. As per the measures taken this digital design is turned into a model and second appointment is given for testing this model and presenting it to you.

What kind of a process is applied in the trial session?

A silicone mould obtained as per the digital design model prepared for you is placed on your teeth without any processes like abrasion. It is taken out after 1,5 minutes and the remains are eliminated. Afterwards, studio shooting is done. In digital environment, this smile design is shown to you with studio shootings.

How is the trial material being used in digital smile design removed again?

It is easily removed by doctor after the session is over.

In what cases will this trial not be applied?

If one or a few teeth are either more to the front or back than they should, before changing the position of the tooth, trial cannot be made. For this reason this kind of teeth can avoid for the trial to be made for ideal design with %100 correctness. But at the stage of decision making, this situation is considered by doctor and patient and planning is made together.

When I accept digital smile design, what will happen?

Your doctor will tell you about the processes to be realized to obtain your ideal smile design with the alternatives in details. Ideal smile design is usually obtained by applying Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Implant, and Gingiva Aesthetics either alone or together. As per the treatment procedure you accept, your doctor starts with the treatment by giving you a new appointment. In all the aesthetic treatments, the existing design is kept as recorded and everything is planned according to this digital design.

Can I make changes on digital smile design?

Basic purpose of realizing trial session is to make the person like and approve the smile design, to express the points he does not like, and for these points to be changed and corrected. While small changes are made in the same session (like increasing/reducing the length of a single tooth), bigger changes are realized in a new appointment where session is repeated.

When treatment is completed, will the same smile as seen on digital smile design be obtained?

Material that is used in trial session is not sufficient both with respect to durability and with respect to aesthetics and it is produced in a short time for trial purpose and it is used. But the teeth that will be prepared during treatment process, will be produced by using more aesthetic and durable