Fiber Application

Fiber Application

When is fiber application done?

If there isn’t too much material loss on the tooth to which root canal treatment is applied and if there is normal filling, too much material loss, it is required to apply inlay and onlay treatments to avoid dental fractures. If you have no dental wall remaining but if roots are strong, it is required to realize crown veneer by making a “post” by getting support from root canal.

What are the varieties of fiber applications?

  • Cast post
  • Screwed post,
  • Fiber posts are the types of posts beingused.

Why is fiber post preferred?

  • Risk of fracturing is low.
  • Tooth gets pasted both mechanically andchemically.
  • As there is no metal reflection under fullceramic restorations, anaestheticappearance is attained.

How is fiber post applied?

It is applied with special place opening drillers and adhesives.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Gülşad Güngör