Frenectomy (Removal of Lips/tongue-tie)

Frenectomy (Removal of Lips/tongue-tie)

What is Frenulum (tongue, lips, cheek tie)?

Frenulum is a soft mucosa tissue that is situated between gingiva tissue and tongue, lips and cheek which connects these tissues and limits their movements.

Where is Frenulum located within the mouth?

Frenulum is usually located between our upper and lower medium incisor teeth or between our cheek and back teeth or under our tongue.

How many pieces of frenulum are placed in our mouth?

This is a feature that shows variation between one individual and another. While it is seen under the tongue of almost everyone, more than one frenelum is seen at the top of our lower and upper front teeth and at the back of our cheeks.

In what situations can frenulums create risk for our oral health?

When frenulum is bigger or thicker than normal and when it is connected very close to edge of the tooth, it could cause gingival recession and gingiva diseases by pulling gingiva down. Bigger and thicker frenulums that are placed under the tongue can cause small children to experience speaking disorders.

Do frenulums create aesthetical problems?

Yes. Especially when there are frenulum that are thicker and bigger than normal as being situated between lower and upper middle teeth, this situation causes for teeth not to combine and forgaps to occur between the teeth that are named as diestema.

When frenulums create problems with regards to functioning and aesthetics, what can be done?

When frenulums are situated close to gingiva edges that could cause gingival recession and gingiva disease, they should be removed from that area. Especially when they are situated between upper and below incisor teeth and when they cause diestema, first frenulum should be removed and then orthodontics treatment should be applied for the teeth to be combined.

How is frenulum removed?

Frenulum is removed by applying a process named frenectomy in only minutes.

How is frenectomy process applied?

Frenectomy process is usually applied with laser with the advancing technologies and this enables for the process to be bloodless and to require short time. But in cases where the bond is too big or deep, it is required for it to be removed by surgery and for suture to be made.

Will I feel any pain during the process?

Frenectomy process is applied under local anesthesia and therefore during the process no pain is felt. After the surgery, with the help of regular care and by using medicine, the period can end comfortably.

How many days will the sutures remain?

Sutures are removed one week after the process.

Will any traces remain after frenectomy?

No traces will remain after frenectomy process.

After the process will my speaking be influenced?

This process doesn’t have any impact on speaking.

After frenectomy, will there be any changes in the appearance of our teeth?

After frenectomy process, there won’t be any changes in the appearance of teeth.