Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is implant? Can it be applied to everyone?

Natural teeth are lost due to reasons such as decays, gingival diseases, accidents etc. In implant treatment, in these toothless splaces “teeth” can be made just like those naturally owned by a person. Implant treatment can be applied to each patient who has completed his jaw development and whose general health is in good condition. Apart from patients who have very rarely seen health problems, in patients who have good oral hygiene and whose other dental problems have been eliminated, implant treatment is being applied for 5 years with a success ratio of %98. Besides, as monitoring and advanced surgical techniques have developed in recent years, the concept of insufficient bone has become invalid for implant.

Will I feel too much pain during the treatment? How long do the sessions take?

Level of paint felt by the patient during and after implant operation is the same as the pain felt while tooth is extracted. In other words it is a rather comfortable operation for the patient. In a normal case, the period needed to place an implant is nearly 20-30 minutes.

What is the advantage of implant when compared with other treatments?

Most important advantage of implant treatment is that no harm is given to the adjacent teeth. Besides, its other advantages are avoiding osteoporosis, patient’s feeling as if the prosthesis are like his own teeth, completion of process with a short operation. Besides, dental implants also help you to regain your natural smile. It is clear that a beautiful smile brings self-confidence, liveliness and youth with it.

What are the advantages of having implant treat- ment in Turkey as compared with abroad? Is it cheaper?

Turkey hosts millions of guests coming from all around the world, with its rich cultural heritage, natural and historical beauties, unique coasts, and easy transportation opportunities. Furthermore, since Asklepion which is established within the body of Pergamon Kingdom as the first medical center of the world, Anatolian soil has always been an important geography with respect to medical science. Nowadays, with its modern hospitals, deve- loped opportunities, experienced doctors who are specialized in their fields, and with its various opportunities, it is a country that provides superior quality service especially in the areas of cardiolo- gical diseases, organ transfer, and dental implants. These advantages seen in each area of medicine are also seen at the highest level in dentistry and it can be reached to these opportunities not only in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara but also in cities like Izmir and Antalya. By means of direct flights organized by various airline companies to the airports in these cities, transportation can be realized in a few hours. Besides, it is a big advantage that all the doctors and receptionists providing services at the dental clinics in Turkey know English well. Patients can tell about their diseases or requests directly to the doctor and they can agree with their doctor easily. Furthermore, you can have the highest quality dental implant brands be applied at a price that is one third those in Europe. Therefore, you can get such a service that is superior according to world standards at a very cheap price. Turkey is the best option both to have a wonderful holiday by staying at world famous and awarded hotels and to have implant treatment at superior quality with very cheap prices.

How should I choose the dentist and the clinic where I will have implant treatment?

First of all, you should pay attention that the doctor you choose is specialized in his field. For example, for dental implant treatment, doctor should be specialized in mouth, teeth and jaw surgery or he should be a periodontologist. Besides an experi- enced doctor who has developed himself, it is important for the dental clinic where he works to have a corporate structure. It would contribute to your getting the best treatment if the staff working in the clinic are successful in their fields. Choosing a clinic that would strive to overcome your compli- cations and complaints that could arise after the treatment without creating any difficulties for you, would be the right choice. Besides if the clinic is situated at an easily reachable location and if they have flexible working hours to give you appoint- ment at the hours suitable for you,this would also also be an important factor. Of course, a dentist and dental staff who are considerate, and who can develop healthy relations and be positive, would help you overcome your fears and they would improve the quality of service taken.
Doctor who wrote the article: Periodontologist Dr. Mehmet Ercan