Incognito (Lingual Ortodontics)

With Incognito Technology, being the solution with unseen dental brace, say farewell to dental wire!
Personal unseen (incognito) treatment enables you to have brand new teeth with dental braces placed inside the teeth that can not be seen from outside and no one can see them!

What is Incognito?

It is the wire system produced by Incognito 3M company as being prepared privately for people and which is placed inside the teeth (lingual). It is a lingual orthodontics system.

Can it be applied to everyone?

Incognito (lingual orthodontics) is a treatment method that is applied to everyone. It is mostly preferred by people like businessmen, artists, models and sporters for whom aesthetic appearance is important. It is only not recommended to patients who will have orthognatic surgery.

How can it be produced privately?

The measurements taken from you by your dentist are scanned as 3 dimensional and transferred to virtual environment. All the lingual braces are designed in accordance with the form of your teeth. As they are prepared according to the shape and form of each of your teeth, they occupy a small space on your teeth.Your wires are bended by means of computer system and sent to your doctor.

Is treatment period longer than normal wires?

As compared with normal dental braces the treatment period can be longer with lingual orthodontics. But as it is in the internal side noone can understand that treatment is made

Is it an expensive treatment?

All treatments that are applied to interior parts of teeth, such as Incognito (lingual orthodontics) are expensive. All treatment types like Incognito (lingual orthodontics) being applied in interior of teeth, are expensive.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Cihan Çapan