Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

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What is Mini dental implant?

Mini dental implants are smaller than dental implants that are excepted as standard. Diameter of Mini dental implants is around  2 – 2,8 mm.

When are Mini dental implants used?

In order to improve the adhesion of artificial teeth, dental implant application is made.

Can mini dental implant be applied to everyone?

Yes, it can be applied. Especially in old patients or patients with heart, diabetics or hypertension diseases, implant usage could be made without problems.

What are the advantages of Mini dental implants

  • They are economical.
  • As it is not required to make cutting on gingiva, they are simple and fast.
  • After implant application swelling, pain or bleeding won’t occur.
  • In the same session patient’s prosthesis is placed on implants.
  • They can be easily applied on patients with systematic diseases and on old patients.

In what situations are mini dental implants not applied?

  • If there is bone insufficiency
  • If bone height is less than 10 mm on lower chine or less than 13 mm on upper chin, they are not used.

Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Başak Kurdoğlu Öztemel