Orthodontic Treatments

Natural smiling with orthodontic treatments

Everyone’s teeth are beautiful but their places are wrong.

It is not your faith to have overlapping or separated teeth. Orthodontic treatments can also be applied with wireless orthodontics (invisalign) besides dental braces. Choose the treatment that is convenient for you and change your world. We are besides you after your orthodontic treatment is completed at DentGroup dental clinics. We realize your first control 1 month after your treatment and we arrange appointment for 3 months later and then we realize control sessions in 6 months or 1 year periods. In this way we remain besides you after your treatment is over.

What is fixed orthodontic treatment (dental brace treatment)?

It is the orthodontic treatment applied after the milk teeth fall down and permanent teeth appear (around the age of 12). It is a treatment for 1.5-2.5 years long where small square shaped parts made of stainless steel or porcelain adhesive parts are pasted on front surfaces of teeth and overlapping teeth are corrected with the help of dental braces.

What are brace types that are used in orthodontic treatment?

In orthodontic treatments metal (stainless steel) or porcelain (transparent) braces are used which are named as dental braces. These dental braces are applied to the front surfaces of teeth. The system which is applied to internal surfaces of teeth is named as lingual orthodontics. In this system as the dental braces are all inside, no braces are seen from outside. In recent times besides classic brace systems closed braces are also produced. In closed braces the movement speed of teeth is faster than it is in classic system. Closed braces can be transparent or metal. Orthodontic treatments can also be done with transparent plates (invisalign) being the alternative of braces. In this treatment instead of dental braces transparent plates covering the teeth are used. Strength is transmitted on the teeth by means of these plates instead of dental braces.

Does fixed orthodontic treatment give harm to the teeth?

Orthodontic treatment does not give harm to teeth. Instead by providing them to be preserved properly, they help in maintaining a more smooth balance in the mouth.

Does fixed orthodontic treatment cause decays?

Orthodontic treatment does not cause decayed teeth. Decayed teeth can be observed if adequate mouth cleaning is not realized whether orthodontic treatment is applied or not. Most important particular is to show care for cleaning while dental braces are in our mouth.

Does orthodontic treatment cause pain in my teeth?

When dental braces are first applied, a certain pain could be felt byt it may not be observed in most cases. It can vary from one person to another. In 2-3 days it will go back to normal and there won’t be any strong pains that are felt. We should take good care of dental braces if we want the pain to be at minimum level.

Would fixed orthodontics treatment change the color of my teeth or cause deformation?

Dental brace treatments won’t change the color of teeth. The reason for color changes is related with eating habits (cola, tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine etc) and with insufficient cleaning of mouth.

Will fixed orthodontic treatment be applied while my teeth are pulled or not ? / We spoke with another orthodontist and he said that they will be pulled out.

Is it required for them to be pulled out? In orthodontic treatment, pulling of teeth is a routine application. If teeth have bigger dimensions as proportional to the chin, orthodontic treatment with pulling is considered. Another important criteria is the profile appearance of the person. When teeth are lined on chin without being pulled, they can cause lips to be pushed forward a lot and an aesthetic problem could appear and in such cases orthodontic treatment with pulling will be considered again. Even if pulling the teeth can look like a difficult situation, it is the required treatment method for having aesthetics and mouth health.

Ortodontik tedavi için sağlam dişlerin çekilmesi bana mantıklı gelmiyor?

This is one of the most frequently asked question to us. Our patients are even looking for dentists that won’t pull their teeth out. To give an example we could say that in many of the people we know wisdom teeth create problems relating with mouth hygiene, not having enough space and getting overlapped. But they are healthy teeth as well. When taking the decision of pulling, orthodontists consider profile, symmetry and whether there is enough space or not.

Will spaces be left after teeth are pulled out?

No, there won’t be. After teeth are pulled out front and back spaces are filled with dental braces.

During orthodontic treatment will dental braces have negative impact on my speaking?

Orthodontic treatments that are realized by getting support from front surfaces of teeth does not influence the way people speak.

How often will I come for controls during orthodontic treatment?

In orthodontic treatments control examinations takes place every 4-6 weeks. For orthodontic treatments with pulling this period can be more often in the first months.

When dental braces are taken out will my teeth get damaged ?

Teeth won’t get damaged when braces are taken out. When braces are taken out the adhesive substance gets separated from tooth surface. No losses will occur on dental enamel. After dental braces are taken out cleaning and polishing should be realized.

After dental braces are taken out will my teeth get overlapped again?

When dental braces are removed, teeth are fixed to each other with a thin wire as attached to 6-8 teeth. In this way it is avoided to return back to previous status.  This wire is not seen from outside. After orthodontic treatment is completed, try to comply with the controls foreseen by your orthodontist.

 Will this fixing wire disturb my speaking?

Generally our orthodontics patients get used to this wire in 1 wek and don’t even feel that it exists. These fixing wires are not thick enough to influence our speaking.

Side part of my fixing dental brace is broken, what should I do?

Apply to your orthodontist at the soonest before the harmonization of wire with tooth is damaged.

My fixing dental brace came out completely, what should I do?

If fixing dental brace gets out completely, even in 1-2 days time overlapping can occur again. For this reason you must get appointment from your orthodontist to have a new one at the soonest.

For how long will this fixing dental brace remain in my mouth?

It is required for this brace to remain in the mouth for at least 5 years. Sometimes it is required to be used for a life time. Your orthodontist will inform you about it .
Dentist who wrote the article: Dr. Gonca Yıldırım