Orthognatic surgery (Chin surgery)

Orthognatic surgery (Chin surgery)

What is orthognatic surgery (chin surgery)?

It is a surgical method helping to correct disorders of shape, structure relating with upper and lower chin. It is also known as chin surgery among public.

Where is orthognatic surgery realized?

Are you doing it? In such cases orthodontist and plastic surgery work together. This kind of chin surgeries are realized at a hospital under general anesthesia. The person realizing the surgery is plastic surgeon.

Is orthodontics and orthognatic surgery separe processes?

Orthognatic surgery is a process realized during orthodontic treatment. These two treatments are not realized separately. For example when 2/3rd of orthodontics treatment period to continue for two years is completed orthognatic surgery is realized. After the surgery orthodontic treatment continues for 4 months.

I would like to have treatment with dental brace without having chin operation.

For example let us say that your lower chin is too much forward. When you have dental brace teeth get aligned and it becomes more apparent that lower chin is towards the front. A smooth closure can not be made. In the end appearance looks worse.

If we get our teeth pulled out, would we need chin surgery?

In very rare cases, by pulling the teeth and not having surgery, treatment can be made. But the appearance of your face does not change. (as there is no change with the bones.) When you are examined, your dentist can still recommend chin surgery to you.

Are these chin operations realized often?

These chin operations are realized in our country for a long time. There are certain plastic surgeons with whom orthodontists work. These surgeons realize these operations successfully.

We know a plastic surgeon. Could we have it made with him?

These cases require team work. Orthodontist must be experienced with the surgeon. Some plastic surgeons concentrate on surgeries relating with breasts or nose. It needs to be investigated well. Your orthodontist will recommend an experienced doctor for you. It would be better to decide after the examination.

Are orthognatic surgery operations riskful?

There is a risk with each surgery made under general anesthesia. No doctor would say that a surgery does not bear any risks. It is also risky to get on a plane but we use planes often in our lives.

Will surgery traces remain?

Surgery is realized from within the mouth. There won’t be any intervention made to your face. There won’t be any surgical traces. There will only be swelling due to edema. But it will recover quickly.

Will I have pain after the chin surgery?

After the surgery a painkiller will be applied to you. It is normal for you to have a gradually decreasing pain for 1-3 days.

When can I be discharged from the hospital?

Under normal conditions you get discharged on the next day. After orthognatic surgery your doctor will control you in the morning. After the control decision about your discharge will be taken.

Çene ameliyatı sonrası beni neler bekler?

Kemiklerin kaynaşması için çeneler 1 hafta kadar lastiklerle bağlı kalacaktır. Bu lastikleri kendiniz değiştirebilirsiniz. Bu süre zarfında sıvı beslenme yapılır. Ameliyattan 2 gün sonra evde yürüyebilecek durumda olursunuz. Çene operasyonundan 1 hafta sonra tekrar kontrol için doktorunuza gidersiniz.
Bu kontrolde ağzınız açılacak ve açıp-kapama egzersizleri öğretilir. Bu aşamadan sonra lastik takılması gittikçe azalarak devam eder.
Ortodontik tedavi (ortalama 4 ay) daha devam eder ve sonra diş telleriniz çıkar.
Dentist who wrote the article: Dr. Cihan Çapan