Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry
Accidents and to protect people from trauma are named as ‘mouth protector- tooth-protector’. Mouth protectors (tooth-protectors-sporter aligners), avoids injuries to occur in teeth, tongue-lips and
cheeks as a result of power due to trauma. In the dashes coming to the front area, they protect front teeth and in dashes coming to below jaw, they protect posterior teeth and they reduce jaw
fractures. Besides they protect against brain tremor, injuries and probable death as a result of space forming between lower and upper teeth.
An ideal mouth protector or tooth protector should be easily harmonized with teeth and it should be thin enough to provide sufficient protection, have resistance against tearing, and it should be odorless-tasteless.It shouldn’t make breathing difficult.
There are 3 types of mouth protectors:
1- Standard Mouth Protectors-Tooth Protectors: They are composed of materials that are sold as ready made and which usually have pvc basis. (European Union has prohibited mouth protectors with pvc basis.)
2- Protectors that are prepared as per heat-heat method: Harmonization and adaptation of protector which is prepared with a thermoplastic material gets reduced in time.
3- Protector that is prepared on the model as special to a person (custom made): Your dentist takes impression from your upper jaw. Model is created as per the measures taken. According to the measure being modeled, a soft essix aligner with an approximate thickness of 5 mm is prepared. Dental protector-mouth protector that is prepared with this method is private for the person.
Doctor who wrote this article: Dt. Kerem Adalet