Tooth Crystal

Tooth Crystal

What is tooth crystal?

It is the crystal that adds glitter to your smile and which is pasted on tooth surface. Tooth diamond could also be used. These are accessories pasted on tooth.

 How is tooth crystal pasted?

Without realizing abrasion on tooth surface, it is pasted on the seen surface of tooth with special adhesives by your dentist.

Does tooth crystal fall down in time?

There is a risk of falling due to extreme forcing like biting movements as it is placed on tooth surface but no damage occurs on your tooth if it falls down. It can be pasted again if it falls down.

How is tooth diamond pasted?

Tooth diamond is natural stone and its pasted surface is sharp. In order to adapt this sharp surface to tooth, a small abrasion is realized on the tooth surface having a diameter of sharp surface of diamond. A special adhesive is applied between tooth and diamond.

Can I get tooth crystal and tooth diamond be taken out if I want to?

Tooth crystal can be taken out when desired and with polish that is applied on tooth surface teeth have their previous appearance.

Does tooth crystal give harm to my teeth?

As it is pasted on tooth surface, it does not give harm to teeth.

Can I paste tooth crystal on my own? Why should I go to the dentist?

In the market there are tooth crystals that you can paste on your own but adhesive material does not have same content with the one used by your dentist. Thus, it is possible for the stone to fall down, to cause permanent change of color on your tooth and to cause damage. When you paste them, the excess adhesives form a non-polished surface and plate accumulation occurs more easily and coloring occurs as well. Therefore, let a dentist apply this process.

Does it disturb my lips?

Its surface is smooth and it does not disturb your lips.

Does its color change in time?

No, it does not change.
It does not require any special care other than yoru daily oral care.
Dentist who wrote this article: Dr. İmren Hocaoğlu