When should first orthodontics examination be made?

When should first orthodontics examination be made?
Apart from this;

  • If your child is breathing from his mouth and has adenoid problem
  • If he has used pacifier for a long time
  • If he has the habit of thumb-sucking
  • If he has problem of cleft lip
  • If it is seen that he has missing teeth or if he had a hard attack on his chin
  • If upper or lower chins are far to the front either on the mother’s or father’s side
  • If there is a situation where teeth are situated as far to the front (because if these children fall down there is the danger of having fractures on these teeth.)
  • If milk teeth were pulled out early for some reason.
  • If there is overlapping on the teeth. Each child fitting to above particulars should be brought to an orthodontist for examination.

Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Cihan Çapan