Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are 3rd big molar teeth growing between the ages of 17-26.

When and under which situations should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth are those that are placed at the very back of the mouth. As they are difficult to reach and see, their being brushed and cleaned is more difficult then other teeth. Due to insufficient brushing wisdom teeth can easily get decayed and they can cause pain and mouth smell easily. In certain cases due to narrowness in the chin wisdom teeth may not come out. They can ve fully embedded ( in a way not to be observed by remaining below gingiva and chin bone) or they can remain as semi-embedded by being contacted with mouth environment. In this case by causing food to attach and accumulate in the region around gingiva, they can cause infections. This situation where swelling and redness occur on gingiva around wisdom teeth, where there is severe pain towards the neck and ear, swelling of lymph nodes, pain during when mouth is opened and something is swallowed is named as pericoronitis. Fully embedded wisdom teeth can put pressure on the teeth next to them or cause overlapping of teeth. They can also cause neighboring teeth to get decayed by putting pressure on them. Embedded wisdom teeth that are not recognised for long years can cause kists with big dimensions to form and for serious problems to arise. Even if they don’t cause problems for other teeth to align properly wisdom teeth should be extracted for orthodontic treatment purposes. For these reasons wisdom teeth should be extracted under local anesthesia by narcotizing the region. Wisdom teeth should be extracted by chin surgeons. Specialization period of chin surgeons is nearly 4 years.

Is it required for wisdom teeth to be extracted?

Healthy and correctly placed wisdom teeth are not required to be extracted.

Can other teeth remain as embedded?

Other than wisdom teeth, sometimes dog teeth and small molar teeth can also remain embedded. If it is seen that they can not be placed orthodontically (with braces) they should be extracted with operation.

After the operation how should oral care and nutrition be?

One day after extraction spitting, teeth brushing, intense washing, using of pipettes or mouth-washing should not be done. For first two days warm, soft food with pieces should be consumed. After each food consumption and teeth brushing antiseptic mouth-washing as recommended by doctor should be applied. Painkilling medicine and if recommended antibiotics should be used regularly.. No cigarettes should be smoked within first 48 hours not to disrupt with the treatment.

Will I have too much pain after my wisdom teeth are extracted?

After a quick and sufficient surgery is realized, there won’t be much pain and the existing pain can be controlled with painkillers.

Will my face get swelled after extraction?

Edema on the cheeks will vary from person to person and depending on the situation of teeth. To avoid swelling for the first 24 hours cold tampon should be applied to the cheek region. It is normal to have slight swelling and it is needed for recovery.
Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Başak Kurdoğlu Öztemel